A petition was filed in the Supreme Court against the mandatory national identity card to receive social security allowance

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Kathmandu. A writ has been filed in the Supreme Court on Sunday against the government's decision to make national identity cards mandatory for social security allowances.

Advocate Bimal Pokharel has filed a petition in the Supreme Court saying that if the national identity card is made compulsory, a large number of target groups will be deprived of social security allowance if it is not renewed.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers on 24th June 2081 made national identity cards mandatory in 28 districts for social security distribution.

After this decision of the government, the decision of the government is being criticized saying that the senior citizens and the disabled are crowding at the local level to do biometrics for the national identity card and they are suffering a lot.

Collect and verify national identity cards of all the elderly, disabled, widows and people who are eligible to receive social security allowances in the country from the wards and local levels of the country, ensure scientific documentation from the National Registration Department, make laws and regulations, and inform everyone at least 6 months in advance. It has been demanded that a public notice should have been issued.

In addition, it has been requested to issue a suitable order, including an injunction, in the name of the opposition to not make the national identity card mandatory for social security allowance.

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