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 What makes a person’s face so well written? Does a smiling face look ugly? -Saigrace Pokharel

Saigrace Pokharel, a filmmaker and a video producer who owns a production company currently based in Barcelona, Spain but has mesmerized the audiences with his emotional storytelling talent and with his voice within a very short period.

NameSaigrace Pokharel
BornNovember 7, 1987, Kathmandu, Nepal
OccupationStoryteller, Photographer, Video Producer
Saigrace Pokharel

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Early Life and Education

Saigrace Pokharel spent his childhood in Kathmandu and he was humble, polite and calm from his childhood. He started his primary education at Namuna Boarding Elementary School and completed his secondary education at the New Himalayan Boarding School in Samakhusi, Kathmandu. He loved to write poems, stories and songs and used to participate in activities like singing songs, dramas etc. He was a multi-talented boy from his childhood.
He received his Post Graduation in Strategic Management From the Intensive International Academy.


Saigrace Pokharel

Belonging from a properly off family, Saigrace Pokharel nonetheless chooses to paint at a totally early age to realize the fee of paintings. He laboured at a tune kept at 16. After then he labored occasionally in the Publication house. Later he used to paint as a studies assistant officer at Nepal Health Research Council. He laboured a complete 7 years withinside the ministry. People used to love his ardour and determination for his paintings.

He additionally laboured because the Youth Coordinator of Sri Sathya Sai centre was positioned in Thapathali. There he laboured for 4 years and became the nearby Youth Coordinator of Sri Satya Sai Nepal. While operating as a coordinator, he was given a threat to storytelling in the `National Youth Conference` 2012 held in Pokhara. Sri Sathya Sai Organization hosted the program. 

Besides all of these, he laboured in filmmaking and video making for extraordinary organizations. Later he commenced his very own manufacturing residence in Denmark as `Saigrace Production.` His group produces wedding ceremony photography, videos, advertisements, images and lots more. Now his manufacturing residence is imparting a majority of these centres in Barcelona, Spain as he moved there.

Saigrace The Storyteller

Saigrace Pokharel

Although he has a hand in lots of fields, he was given all his recognition via storytelling. He commenced his storytelling profession very early, however, his paintings got here into the limelight in April 2020 while he uploaded a video on his Facebook page. The video “90s kids” in some days reached tens of thousands and thousands of perspectives and became capable of winning the coronary heart of human beings worldwide.
Saigrace Pokharel has commenced his YouTube channel named “Saigrace Official,” wherein he posts movies that paint a not unusual place person’s tale so nicely. He writes all the ones from his non-public studies and offers them so nicely. Saigrace has over 220K subscribers and tens of thousands and thousands of perspectives on his YouTube channel. While presenting, he suits himself withinside the character`s shoes; therefore, all his memories have emotional pulls.

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