3 Free Photography Cheat Sheets That Will Help You Understand the Basics

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As photographers, we’re always striving to create the perfect photos each time we press the shutter button. If you want to get consistent results, without relying on luck, the best thing is to know and practice, the fundamentals of photography.

This post provides you with 3 printable cheat sheets from our best-selling Snap Cards: Essentials set for free to help you on your quest to master the basics of photography- especially when you need it the most- when you’re out taking photos. The cheat sheets cover the topics of Exposure Triangle, Histogram, and Photographing in Manual Mode. Make sure you download them, print them and carry them with you the next time you are out photographing!

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The exposure triangle is among the most fundamental of photography concepts that you should gain a good understanding of, if you take photography seriously. This cheat sheet will help you visually understand the relationship between the three pillars of exposure- shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Download now →

The histogram is a really useful tool that can help you nail the exposure in your photographs. You can tell when a photo is underexposed or overexposed by looking at its histogram and know which tones need to be worked on during post-processing. Download now →

To gain complete control over the photographic process, you should have a good grip on the manual mode of your camera. Whether it’s for a technical use like getting a sharp photograph with fast shutter speed or using it creatively for capturing motion with slow shutter speed, manual mode is the place where the endless photographic possibilities really start to shine. Download now →

To get the most out of these cheat sheets, we recommend you to print them and carry them with you, or download them on your mobile device for when you’re out photographing.

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